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Indestructible Treat Ball

Indestructible Treat Ball

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Perfect gift! 
The Indestructible Treat Ball is the perfect gift for your pet. From playing fetch to just something to have them chewing for a while. This ball can reduce your dog's destructive behavior by giving them an outlet, something to chew on all day that has room for delicious treats while cleaning their teeth!

Clean your dogs teeth while you play!

The Treat Ball is designed to clean your dogs teeth as they bite down on it. So while you're playing fetch with them, they're brushing their teeth!

Space for treats!

The Treat Ball has a hollow center giving you room for treats like peanut butter, or you can add small treats in between the grooves! 

Rubber material

The Treat Ball is made out of an indestructible non toxic rubber making this ball perfect for any dog to grind their teeth into all day without being destroyed.

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